Are They Better for Having Met You?

Creativity is necessary to make our clients feel special. Let me give you an example.

Whenever I travel for business and am upgraded to first class, I always feel as though I won the lottery. Let’s admit that we all feel this way. One of my favorite amenities about flying first class is when the flight attendant appears with a tray of hot towels. Grown men and women wait impatiently for the tray to appear so they can clutch their hot towel and wipe their face and hands. If I were to walk through my building with a tray of hot towels, I imagine my colleagues would look at me strangely. Yet, when sitting in first class aboard an aircraft, it is one of the major joys of our travels.

We need to seek out the hot towel for our colleagues and clients. We have to look for the hot towel in our environment. As professionals, we are the flight attendants for our first-class clients.

Far too many marketers and professionals lose track of potential clients because, once the door is closed, they never attempt to reopen it. Often, we go into a situation with selfish needs in mind. We have our own agenda. Whether open or hidden, our agenda accentuates what we want to occur. True professionalism is derived from the belief that if people are better for having met us, satisfaction will come to all parties. I think it’s important that we enter every engagement thinking along the lines of people being better because of us. Our message needs to be conveyed that, whether we do business or not, they can feel free to call us for advice or questions on areas they know to be our strengths. If you leave people better for having met you, they feel comfortable with calling and asking for your advice. I try to treat everyone as I would a good friend. Being involved in giving advice and consultation will not break you financially, but it can create long-term fans. I believe it is a foundation for integrity and a basis for all relationships.

What hot towel will you serve so they are better for having met you?

Author: Creating Six Degrees

Anthony C. Gruppo, CEO Northeast Region, is responsible for leading all employees, divisions, and operations for Marsh & McLennan Agency – Northeast. Here he is focused on leadership, strategic position, and organizational development. Prior to coming to the Northeast, Anthony led companies in the Southwest, Southeast, and West Coast. Anthony is the author of three books centered on personal and organizational development.

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