This blog is dedicated to thousands of First Responders saving Houstonians.

Throughout our nation, there are non-profit providers of human services that are courageous as any leader. These professionals that serve clients are constantly tempted to take the easier path. They are modest and reluctant to market their successes. Yet, in these professionals are the role models for life. They are the professionals that try to reverse the damage caused by society and years of children choosing the wrong role models.

In a world where profit and perks often dominate the decisions of our athletes and professionals, these non-profit professionals concentrate on service. Most are underpaid and overworked. They concentrate and focus on the issues of society that many of us wish to forget.  The abuse directed at our youth and elderly continues to escalate. These non-profit professionals are the guardians of the disadvantaged.

The non-profit organizations are rarely the media darlings. They wait in the background ready to assist all of humanity that is troubled. All Leaders should reach out to our nation’s non-profit organizations. Donate time at these facilities and motivating the staff, as well as, the residents. The character and courage of both our for profit leaders and non-profit professionals would set the standard for the role model of the future.

Our human service agencies are full of kids and adults many try to forget. But we as a society owe them and we must take the responsibility of caring for them. Character and courage can be taught, as long as, we are patient for their long-term reward. That reward is healing America’s children.

Author: Creating Six Degrees

Anthony C. Gruppo, CEO Northeast Region, is responsible for leading all employees, divisions, and operations for Marsh & McLennan Agency – Northeast. Here he is focused on leadership, strategic position, and organizational development. Prior to coming to the Northeast, Anthony led companies in the Southwest, Southeast, and West Coast. Anthony is the author of three books centered on personal and organizational development.

3 thoughts on ““FOR PROPHET””

  1. Thank you, Anthony for recognizing the volunteers who stepped up and showed America “how it’s supposed to be done” during the devastating onslaught of Harvey. This recovery will go on for years. The widespread effects on the coast from Corpus Christi all the way over and into Lousiana, and hundreds of miles inland will be forgotten soon enough by the media. Truly compassionate individuals will continue to give of them selves long after the TV lights go out and the reporters drive away.

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