There Are No Upsets

Humility prevents the underdog from speaking the truth in victory. When they are asked, “How does it feel to win as the underdog?”, they smile to themselves. They know there is no such thing as an upset. After all, if we seek to find the winner in ourselves, can it ever really be called an upset?

Whether you are an athlete, executive or perennial student, we all carry the same arsenal of weapons to win: courage, determination, preparation, and faith. Courage helps us face defeat before the game even begins. Determination allows us to break through the boundaries placed on us by others. We have the preparation given to us by great parents, coaches, and business leaders. And, we carry faith in our own human spirit. 

We place number rankings on athletes, titles on business professionals, and mental health labels on troubled kids. All of these are stages for upset. We should achieve by courage, not by permission. 

When others see a loss, the underdog only sees a time to reflect. As we return to victory, others see an upset. The signature on the successful business contract or the academic scholarship may appear to spectators as defining moments in the match. But, we the winners, realize that victory came from a lifetime of preparing for the pinnacle of challenge.

We knew on that particular deal or life moment that the student had become the teacher. When we attack life as a player versus a spectator, we will understand there are no upsets. 


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Author: Creating Six Degrees

Anthony C. Gruppo, CEO Northeast Region, is responsible for leading all employees, divisions, and operations for Marsh & McLennan Agency – Northeast. Here he is focused on leadership, strategic position, and organizational development. Prior to coming to the Northeast, Anthony led companies in the Southwest, Southeast, and West Coast. Anthony is the author of three books centered on personal and organizational development.

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